gratitude-a-thon day 267: the accessibility of gratitude


Some days the gratitude I feel is for little things, like my dog’s fur and his total acceptance of the imperfect human I am, an unseasonably warm day that seems to put one over on Mother Nature, a gluten free waffle that tastes like it’s got gluten. Some days, it’s bigger stuff, like the fact that my kids are healthy, that I had a great mom, that I chose to be sedated before getting my tooth pulled the other day. The one thing about gratitude that is consistent for me is that it’s always there for the taking. There is almost always a way to turn a negative into a positive through the power of the big G (not God, but gratitude, but if God works for you, I’m grateful for that).

My point is simply that there are a bajillion things to be thankful for, which  range in size and importance.  And the great thing about that, is that you can always find one or two without much effort. And this simple act can turn your frown upside down faster than you can say, “that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.” Do it today. And then do it tomorrow. And then before you know it, you’ll do it everyday. And you’ll see the world in a different kind of light. The kind that bathes you in a big fat positive glow, and makes you look better in pictures. Life can kick your ass, but looking for the good stuff, well that’s a way to kick back. Gratitude is always playing hide and seek with you. But you can’t win, if you don’t play.

2 thoughts on “gratitude-a-thon day 267: the accessibility of gratitude

  1. Well said (as usual) Toni. After you do this for even a short while, it kinda takes off on its own and becomes almost effortless most of the time. And when those times that do take effort come up, it’s not nearly as hard, because you have built up a new muscle.

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