gratitutde-a-thon day 281: small bites friday




(NOTE: A bunch of you have said you’re having trouble with links and I apologize for that a billion times over. It’s so frustrating. So, today I made sure they all linked and put in the web address where they did not.)

In less than 24 hours I will see my boy, not to mention Barcelona (and I’m not talking about the restaurant, Luciana!)

Those Westboro Baptist Church people are the worst. THE WORST. But their neighbors are pretty damn cool.

Scandal is a really good show. They don’t drag things out, only delivering a bang up show at finale time, they give it to you every week. Plus, Olivia has the best coats.

Wow times ten billion. Just one of these photos ( would have knocked me out, but 30 nearly did me in.

It’s been 50 years since President Kennedy was shot.(  I was four. I was grocery shopping with my mom and the check-out woman told us and my mom started to cry right there in the store.

You’re kidding me. This dude ( does not have A.D.D.

Love this song ( anyway, but listen to the a capella version. Kind of awesome, right?

Man, I love Judi Dench ( Can’t wait to see her new movie, Philomena.

I knew Kate McKinnon was the real deal ( the minute she debuted. She is uber talented. There’s hope for Saturday Night Live (am I the only one still watching?)

Ok, love these girls and their style ( I’m with them.

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