gratitude-a-thon day 282: Park Guel

Ok, let’s talk Gaudi’s Park Guel. Think Dr. Seuss as an architect. Seriously, I have been somewhat obsessed with going to this park for like the past year, and yesterday I checked that box. What a freaking thrill! So many times a place or event you’re looking forward to seeing or experiencing doesn’t really equal your expectations, but guess what? Not the case here. I LOVED IT!

Look at this. LOOK AT THIS.

First you climb like a lot of stairs (I did all stairs, no escalators, because I figured I could count it as a workout this way, since I am already ON A DIET OF HAM) and then you get your first glimpse of the park and it’s finest peaks.

You buy some tickets, and, it’s just a Gaudi-fest. It would be amazing to walk through this park without anybody else there, but you know, we’re dealing in the real world, here. So what you have is a like bajillion people all doing the same thing you’re doing–recording the moment in one of the multiple ways you can take pictures, or recordings. We were as guilty as the next guy, but it would have been heaven to just be able to see everything without the flashes and poses, Canons, Nikons, Iphones, Ipads, Samsungs,Sony’s–you get the pictures –no pun intended.

But aside from that, I was crazy impressed with Gaudi’s sense of fun and artisinal talent. The beautifully constructed mosaics are colorful and so abundant that you forget each one is really its own piece of art.

Just look at the mosaic work. 
This goes around the whole beautiful “park” area. It would have been nice for some flowers to be planted in this large expanse, but I’m not complaining.
These guys were all Spanish tunes, but then they busted out Volare and I got a good laugh.
The stone work was crazy.
Another gorgeous mosaic.

We spent the next three hours just walking around, which was sheer bliss. I realized I was just smiling (consistently, without a break). The weather was sunny, but chilly and we just basked in one great view after another. We were even serenaded by a street performing duo that sang some lively spanish tunes, plus Volare! There’s nothing like just spending time with your family, or anyone for that matter, without the impending doom of a schedule. It’s so relaxing to just walk around and have nothing more important on your “to do” list than finding the best view.

This is us in front o the famous salamander. What I really love is the woman above Jake’s head.
Part gingerbread house, part Dr. Seuss, part mushroom trip, maybe.
IMG_0073 (1)
Look to the left. There was a whole section that was like  drip sand castle architecture!
IMG_0087 Couldn’t get enough of these two buildings.
a view of the city.

We had some fantastic tapas last night, including osso bucco and a shot of something that was heavenly. I’m loving this city. And there’s much more Gaudi to see. I can’t wait to read more about the uber talented Gaudi when I get home.

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