gratitude-a-thon day 284: un poco vacation–sorry

I love flower motifs and Barcelona has a lot of them all over the place. This one was inside Sagrada Famila. This place is beyond the beyond.

We here (meaning me, here) at the gratitude-a-thon have been on vacation. And we’re sorry that we didn’t get it together to arrange for guest bloggers to regale you with gratitude, but well, we here at the gratitude-a-thon were too busy finishing a project and packing. And we apologize profusely. We are not at all grateful for our behavior.

BUT, we promise to be back just as soon as we recover from our jet lag. Back, back, back. We hope you all had the most wonderful, and importantly, abundant, as in a total stuff-yourself-silly kind of Thanksgiving. But also, we hope that you counted all the ways in which you’re grateful for all the little and big stuff in your life, for all the honest and truly important abundance you have if you just look.

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