gratitude-a-thon day 289: holiday spending (the good kind)


Jeesh, would have been fun to be at The Mall of America on Black Friday (not really, I actually can’t think of anything worse). Serge Vorobyov threw his last $1,000 off a balcony and into the crowd. How come? He had a terrible year, he says. A bad divorce, in which he even lost his cat, made him want to spread some holiday cheer. Random acts of cash, you could call it, or just plain holiday spirit.

While I mostly hate the kind of crazy that the holidays make me and everybody else, I also love the underlying feeling that’s just under the surface of December, which becomes more and more apparent as the month goes on. People are a little nicer, a little more generous, a little kinder. It’s not always overt, although sometimes it is, but it’s there brewing like a cup of tea, and when the holidays end, and the January cold begins with the new year, the feeling disappears faster than you can say “Is that leftover eggnog in the fridge?”

I am going to try and tap into that holiday generosity this year, and allow it to let me surf through the season on goodwill and good moods. So, thanks Serge for a good start.


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