snow-a-tude-a-thon day 307: small bites friday

5150210013_f5b9b8f25e_mI have solved my ‘links not linking” problem. PARADE! They will all work from now on. Promise!

There is like a bajillion inches of snow out there, well maybe only like a foot. In any case, TOO MUCH FOR ME. I signed up to live in Boston, not Antarctica. BUT, I have just purchased Apple Tv, so let it snow, baby. Late to the party, but Orange is the New Black.

Watched “We Steal the Secrets, The Story of Wikileaks” last night. Really thought provoking.

Ok, I hadn’t been to Clover until a few days ago and now I am a disciple. The eggplant and egg sandwich is approaching something just south of having George Clooney give me a good foot rub as foreplay.

Did Gaudi vacation in Mexico? Here’s proof he might have.

Who doesn’t love a good optical iillusion?

Going to warm and sunny l.a. in three days. Buy bye snow.

I LOVE THIS cover of “Fix You.”

There’s a new cream on the market, you know I’m going to get it.

I have solved my ‘links not linking” problem. PARADE!

My sister leaves today to go back to sunny Miami–it was so much fun having her here. :(, but Ally comes home from sunny Orlando, where she was in a soccer tournament, so I’m also a little :).

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