gratitude-a-thon day 312: the non-celebrity look celebrated

Heidi Montag, who earned her fame on some dumb show I never watched, became so obsessed with looking like a celeb, she changed her face and body with 10 plastic surgeries. I think she was really cute int the before. By the way, how do you put clothes on  boobs like that? I’d be afraid they’d choke me in my sleep.

Take a look at this video by Karen Walrond, of women looking, like women, and not models, or celebrities. I hate to blame our culture, but there’s nothing else to blame. The common belief is that women should look a certain way or they can’t be considered attractive, is just a plain big old pile of rubbish. Cindy Crawford, that impossibly gorgeous model, has said, “Even I don’t wake up looking like Cindy Crawford.”

It’s the job of celebrities and models to maintain and improve their looks because their faces and bodies are their salaries. But where it gets all crazy is when we try to do the same. Exercising for health and wellness is separate from trying to get Kelly Ripa’s abs. Having a little botox to make you look more awake is not the same  as getting a full on face lift with a side of new boobs, butt and waist. In other words, we should all make the most of our looks, and try and look as good as we want to look, since how we present ourselves can affect our jobs, but not forget what beauty really looks like, what real women really look like. Ah, this topic is so big and broad that I could drone on until you would want to come to my house and put a sock in my mouth, but let me just say, this video is a lovely little reminder of how women actually look. Beautiful.

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