gratitude-a-thon day 314: fight on

That’s Jake, me and Tommy Trojan.

Well, the boy has been delivered to college. It’s been a long wait, as a spring admit, but finally, he is ensconced in his apartment, with four other nice guys, a workout room on his floor, and a courtyard with grills and lounge chairs, right near the Shrine Auditorium, where lots of red carpet events and concerts have been held (“And now, from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angleles, California, it’s the Academy Awards”).

This is an auditorium at USC that was really pretty. Do I remember the name. Uh, no.

The campus is pretty, with a mix of old stately buildings mixed with more modern architecture. And while it’s large, it seems fairly easy to manage. I thought, being downtown would mean a lot of traffic and mayhem around the campus, but several days in a row, we’ve been there, and it’s almost what I would call quiet. A real surprise. Everybody has on their USC gear, and Tommy Trojan, the USC mascot stands nobly in the middle of campus to remind the students and faculty, alike, to “fight on.”

Fighting on during orientation.

I am finally used to the fact that the sports teams at USC are called Trojans, but I have to admit that I think it’s just plain hysterical that they are named after condoms. REALLY? But there it is. They have this thing called “Trojan Alerts” for when something on campus happens and you need to know about it, you get an email. I asked Jake if he thought they might send one to students before they had sex to see if they had trojans. I mean I think that’s an alert situation if you ask me.

There’s Tommy Trojan, the mascot. No, it’s not a giant condom, but it could be, right?

One thing that’s bantered about like the word “like” at USC, is “fight on.” This seems to work in any situation and is accompanied by putting one of your hands up in peace sign position. We have taken this phrase to heart in our family and are now using it heartily. “Ally, I know you’re math is hard but fight on.”

Another thing that’s big on campus, is that we’re now all part of the “Trojan Family.” And apparently this is a really big clan. The alumni deal here is huge. We have a friend who says it’s one of the biggest and strongest alumni organizations in the country. He also says there are some companies out here that won’t hire you unless you’re a USC graduate. Kind of impressive.

We lost, but it was a ball.

We went to a Trojan basketball game last night and it was really fun. A million of those alumni were there. We lost, but it was entertaining with lots of cheerleader and dance breaks, games and giveaways.

Today is convocation, and then we leave to go back to the real world in freezing cold Boston, leaving our son to enjoy palm trees and warm weather, and you know, higher education, too. Wishing my boy all the luck and love in the world. Hey Jake, fight on.

Jake and Peter join Tommy in warrior pose.
Killing it at the market. Could we have shopped more? Nope.
The boy in his new room.
The living room, overlooking the quad.


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