gratitude-a-thon day 330: wisteria & whining

I am crazy mad for flowers. I always have fresh ones in the house. It’s practically a rule. These are from Peter, and I am a little bit in love with the colors.

Well, 55 hasn’t started out very well. I’ve been sick since the day of my birthday. In bed sick. So sick, I had to cancel my birthday dinner. Yeah, not happy. At all. My poor friend Toni (yes, her name is also my name and yes I know how completely bizarre that is) spent the day with me and while we were doing the shopping portion of the day, I actually had to sit down in one of my favorite stores. On the couch. Yeah, that’s sick alright. I did, however, manage to buy myself a replacement for my favorite leather jacket that was stolen in the Barcelona airport and made me cry for 30 minutes before eating a ham sandwich to quell my sadness. And I also managed to purchase some ridiculously expensive face cream, because you feel on your 55th birthday like you should really be using something on your face that costs more than a high end gym membership. And get a manicure. And go to the SuperLux theater to see August: Osage County, and I must say that place is aptly named. Barcaloungers, free popcorn, a good little menu with waiters and drinks (not that I could even think about a cocktail feeling like I did), but all in all, it was a truly “superluxe” experience and definitely will make it hard to go to a regular old movie theater again. And Meryl Streep, in the movie–she is sort of unbelievable. I had my sights set on Amy Adams for the Oscar, but I’m giving it to Meryl. She gets it. She can dress however she wants, because that woman can act.

Riley has barely left my side since I crawled into bed. He’s the best. The best dog ever.

I also got really super beautiful flowers from Winston’s that I can actually almost smell from my bed (well, I could before my nose got so stuffed with all the disgusting snot) and tickets to see Billy Joel in Madison Square Garden in April (yes, I am that old) and the best gift of all, which is a book that Ally made me of 55 things about me that she’s grateful for. I love it a bajillion times over. It was a Sally Field moment. “She likes me!” Or at least 55 things about me. Anyway, I am amusing myself with Orange is the New Black, and cruising the internet in a really A.D.D. way. Check this out. I want to be in the wisteria place. I’m grateful to even see a photo of such a magical place. What I’m not grateful for today, is that I am sick. This has been an awful long winter. And I’ve been sick a lot. Do people in warm weather places get sick in the winter, too?

2 thoughts on “gratitude-a-thon day 330: wisteria & whining

  1. Belated Happy Birthday, dear sweet Toni. Flowers from Winstons, a new leather jacket, mani-pedi, a movie & a Barcalounger, tickets to Billy Joel in April, and the 55 Things book sound pretty awesome. Hope you’re feeling better soon. And then I will come down and we can go to the super luxe theater together.

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