gratitude-a-thon day 332: beauty on the beach


I have done a lot of stuff at the beach. I have baked my skin to the perfect shade of brown, stuffed myself silly with potato chips, fried scallops, french fries and lobster, eaten breakfast, lunch and IMG_2756dinner, built rock sculptures and friendships, run, walked, sat next to James Taylor, shook hands with Bill Clinton, gotten fogged in, IMG_1235roughed up by waves, robbed by seagulls, played cards, sipped refreshing vodka and tonics, guzzled beer, hidden under chairs to shield me from lightening, umbrellas to shield me from sun and stood in the rain, swam in the cold, sat by a pool, a float, a hot dog stand, the moon, cute boys scantily clad girls, a radio, a boom box, a cooler, a fancy beach chair, a load of sunblock, a serious idea,IMG_5040read at least a ten million books and magazines, seen seals, and sharks, little teeny fish, crabs, eels and giant fins, rainbows and fluffy clouds, written, drawn, talked on the phone, talked to strangers, slept, had a party, a picnic, a 50th birthday clambake, IMG_3151been with my dog, my parents, my relatives, my friends, been topless, fully dressed, in an itty bitty bikini, and an expensive one piece, on the sand, on the jetty, on big rocks and little rocks, too, floated IMG_1109in a raft, played frisbee, marco polo, catch, kadema and dip the baby, been in the waves, the calm, a boat, under an umbrella, a blanket, a full on down coat, watched the sun set and the watch I loved disappear. But I have never done what this guy did. Wow.

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