gratitude-a-thon day 338: small bites friday: valentine’s edition


There was an old, and long running ad campaign with the headline “Virginia is for lovers.” And today it really is.

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 7.35.31 AM

Today’s Google doodle is sweet and adorable. And it talks!  Click on the hearts! (it wouldn’t let me link). Talk about love–I LOVE THIS.


And here’s skinny on how the whole Valentine’s day thing got started.

Best and worst celeb V-Day stories. Hey, what’s a day without a little celeb news?


If you’re going to the office today, here is a little loving advice.

And if it’s an ethical gift you want, here’s the deal.

If you want to do a romantic movie night, here’s the lowdown.


One of the Valentine’s day’s I remember the most happened 28 years ago. I broke up with a serious boyfriend, who I really didn’t love, but couldn’t let go of (one of those perfect-on-paper, but-not-in-real-life). It was Valentine’s day and when you’re single, and young, you feel like the whole world is paired off. Anyway, it was around four o’ clock and I was sitting in the hallway, gabbing with people at my first job as a copywriter, and feeling pretty sorry for myself. All of a sudden I get a call that I had a delivery. My high school friend Jerry, sent me a dozen roses! I was really surprised, incredibly happy and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.


This morning I got this in the mail from my incredibly thoughtful friend Stephanie. She made it for me. Because she is the freaking best. That’s why. Thanks, Steph. You’re right, love is the key.

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