gratitude-a-thon day 339: when people help


Last night I spent some time with my neighbors, because Scott’s father was murdered (YES, murdered) by his caretaker in upstate New York (They had what they called a Shivette(!) a modified Shiva). Ally went to her first memorial service for a friend who’s mom died at 57. Four days ago, a very, very  close friend just found out his brother has advanced colon cancer. So, when I saw this, I felt it right in the center of my chest, since there seems to be a lot of sadness around right now. I am so moved when people go above and beyond to make another person feel better. Isn’t this the best of what we have to offer as human beings? To be there, in a bigger sense, for each other. Is this who we are underneath the “to do” lists? I think so. I do.

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