gratitude-a-thon day 343: being busy


This is the life of a freelancer: s    l    o    w………busy……superbusy……S    L    O    W……sobusythereisnotimetogotothebathroomandyoumustweardependsundergarments. I’m in that one right now.

i often think about how life could be so much better if things could be more evenly spread out. Like for instance, wouldn’t it be great if instead of having a one year old for a year with all that one year old’s behaviors, you could have a one year old for five months, who would then be a seven year old for a few months and then back to a one year old and then onto a 15 year old for another few months, giving you the ability to get some sleep in there and tame your mushy brain and physical exhaustion. It seems like you could enjoy the stages of life more, if they weren’t all thrown at you at the same time. No, I have not taken psychedelic drugs, and I’ve not taken to drinking in the morning, I’m just saying, not that it’s possible, but again, if in the middle of winter, we got two weeks of summer, then back to winter, wouldn’t that be better? (I guess that’s called going to the Caribbean.) I know this is not going to happen, but a busy freelancer can fantasize, although really, I barely have time to do that.

Anyway, I’m always grateful to have lots of work because it makes up for the time that I don’t have lots of work. And I have so many really nice clients. I feel lucky on that count. I had a collaborative client meeting yesterday that was so perfect. Just really trying to get great work done for these people, and them totally on board and offering intelligent insights, not to mention a few jokes and good laughs. Well, that’s enough gratitude for today, I got work to do.

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