gratitude-a-thon day 388: diane keaton’s little secret unveiled

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Show - Season 71
Diane Keaton says she suffered from bulimia in her 20’s. She’s still pretty darn thin, for 68.

Apparently, the fact that Diane Keaton suffered from bulimia is old news (2011). But she is restating that she is a recovering food addict.

Here’s why this is good news, except for Diane Keaton, who probably suffers plenty. Because the actress is high profile, and looks amazing at the age of 68, just reminds the rest of we aging girls that to look that good can sometimes come with sacrifice, like mental torture, i.e. bulimia, should we or shouldn’t we heed the call of the cookies in the cabinet. We need to chip away at the unrealistic expectations of how a body and face looks as it ages naturally. I love the fact that she doesn’t seem to have had plastic surgery on her face, but having an eating disorder is another way of falsifying the fact that as we get older, women’s bodies tend to gain weight. To stay as model thin as Diane, you need to be aware of every little calorie you ingest, unless you have the metabolism of a three year old. I’m not saying you can’t be thin as you age, but let’s just admit, it’s not easy. So, thank you, Ms. Keaton for reminding us to be realistic. I wonder how many other Hollywood women, and girls, who  play poster children for glamour are suffering with disordered eating, making us think we’re the ones who are weird if we’re not a size 2.

One thought on “gratitude-a-thon day 388: diane keaton’s little secret unveiled

  1. Damn I love her style SO much. She is wacky in all the right ways. She is a great writer also (and photographer, and actress…sigh)

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