gratitude-a-thon day 389: who knows what could happen today


You know what’s cool about today? It could turn out to be the best day of your life. You could bump into someone you used to work with, and they could make you laugh your head offf (which would not be great, because you need your head), you could get a compliment from a total stranger, in fact, you could fall in love with a stranger. You might meet your new best friend today, or convince someone mean to be nicer, or make friends with your thighs, or your mean neighbor, or that dog who always barks at you in the park because you have no idea why. You might get a primo parking spot, or find a sale on shoes, or turn on your air conditioning and just enjoy that you need it. You might notice your herb garden is starting to make progress, and your kid is starting to say thank you, and your abs are starting to tone up (lucky you). You could find some money in a pocket, or on the ground, or in your bank account, or find out that piece of work you did made your client so happy they want to make you president of the world, or notice that your teeth really do look whiter from those Crest white strip thingies. You might find out that someone you love is pregnant, or no longer has cancer, or loves you so much they want to burst wide open (which would be a little bit bad, but net, really good).

The thing is that the truth about today is that ANYTHING could happen. Look for the good stuff and know today isn’t just Monday, it’s fucking POSSIBILIDAY.


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