gratitude-a-thon day 395: Saturday night on the patio

If you’re going to play sports, sometimes you’re going to get hurt.

Peter created a brand new sport last night. He calls it Porch Diving. (It’s also known as missing a step and face planting on brick, hitting your legs on a teak lounge chair and your head on a metal one.) His first attempt, left him with four stitches on his forehead, two egg sized swollen cuts on his legs, multiple black and blues, and one bruised ego. Thanks to the Emergency Room at Brighams & Women’s for being so solicitous and having a good sense of humor. What that man won’t do for sports.

Ally pretends to stitch up her dad. She was so nervous and chatty, I wanted to stitch up her mouth.
Once she knew her daddy was ok, she had a good old time in the Emergency room and kept us laughing until 10:45.

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