gratitude-a-thon day 403: it was only a dream, phew


It was one of those dreams.  A classic, really. I was in high school, or college, I’m not sure. And I was about to take a history test, and I had never been to the class, had never seen the book. I was bathed in a terror sweat, that made a menopausal hot flash look like a day at the beach. I was trying to find the book in a locker jammed with loads of papers (this was so not me, I had one of those lockers that was decorated). I asked a classmate if I could look at their notes because I’d missed so many classes, because, and this is where things got interesting, I didn’t know why. I had no idea why I’d missed so many classes, had never read the material. Nobody really wanted to share their notes. And then I started talking to one girl and we began discussing math and then I realized I’d never been to that class either and I’d better sign up for a summer course. And then I really started to sweat. The first summer after freshman year of college, I took math (for like guinea pigs and rodents, it was so easy) and I had a severe case of hives the entire course, because that is how much I love math.

I was insanely happy to wake up, even to this dreadful weather (and btw, what the fuck is going on out there, I am fairly sure it’s almost June, ISN’T IT?) Anyway, there it is, the dream that haunts everybody. Not sure why it came to roost last night–could be the giant prom party I’m in charge of decorating this weekend, could be that I ended therapy yesterday after seven years. Whatever prompted that dream, I am damn glad I don’t have to take any tests today, and that I NEVER have to pass a math class, or take one for the rest of my life. Toni=NO MATH–the only mathematical equation I love.

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