gratitude-a-thon day 408: the after the prom party is over!

Hey, here’s why I haven’t been gratituding (I know this isn’t a word, but maybe it should be), for the last several days, I designed and implemented (I’ve been working on this for months and months, but this was the three decorating-a-thon, where we work a zillion hours to fill three gyms and an entryway) a super fun giant party for the 400 + seniors on prom night, to keep them safe and not drinking and driving, which is what I think I did on my prom night–no judging–didn’t you? Aside from all the decorations, each room gets filled with all sorts of cool stuff like a life sized twister, blow up obstacle course, airbrush tattoos, food galore, a DJ, a prize table featuring the big prize of a Mac Book Air, and loads of other stuff, too. It was exhausting, and I am bone weary. Here’s a tour of a 50’s ,60’s, 70’s, 80’s themed Blast from the Past After the Prom Party.



Yup, a life size rubik’s cube made by a perfectionistic architect. sort of crazy great, right?


I found the BLAS letters at Tj Maxx and decided I had to make this sign, even though this is not something I know how to do. I got some manly help and ta da!


Our head custodian lent us a juke box and Elvis came back for the event.

IMG_0289 (2)

Jackie Robinson showed up, too.


Even Marilyn came back from the dead.


Each year this space gets a something something with the senior’s names. This year it was real life 45’s from the 50’s.


Che and the Beatles.


The Supremes and Temptations bring on the sixties.

IMG_0313 (3)

Fifty shades of flowers. These took eons to paint.

IMG_0304 (2)

Rally signs and Woodstock.




The V dub has the administration inside.


Welcome to the 80’s.


Like a Virgin.

IMG_0322 (2)

The 80’s room awaits the caricature artists to arrive.


Trivia lined the walls.


You know when you’re at the Christmas Tree Shop at 8:00 am telling the check out woman that you’re going to use the pool noodles you’re buying to make a peace sign and she responds by saying “you can so do that.” that you’re probably spending a little too much time with the crafty crowd.


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