gratitude-a-thon day 423: ten ways to dust yourself off


In this big bad (wonderful and amazing) world, who doesn’t need to take an advanced course in resilience. If you’re not dodging an incoming missile heading toward your relationships, you’re protecting yourself from a warhead bee lining for your career or your health. It’s a jungle out there. Here’s an article touting five characteristics of incredibly resilient people. And here, from a non-expert who has been finding my inner resilience for what feels like 10,987,538 years, are five things I think they missed.

1. Shop. Is anything more transformative than a stellar shopping experience at Bloomie’s, or any one of a katrillion online retailers who are 24/7, knocking on your computer screen? The idea of remaking yourself one item at a time is a sure fire way to get back up after you’ve fallen on your face. Hit the indulgent jewelry counter. Go for the really expensive shoes. Sure, a TJMaxx find where you save money can help, but nothing will put a little spring in your step like full price threads that makes you feel like you could be on the cover of Vogue.

2. Watch tv. People will say bad things about the boob tube, and yes, there is a lot of poopy on the small screen (does anyone even have a small screen anymore), but truthfully, I have dusted myself off more times while fully immersed in a full on tv binge, than I’d like to say. My point is a little diversionary activity when you’re down is a fine way to fuel yourself to get back up.

3. Eat. No, no, I don’t mean “Biggest Loser” kind of eating, but good eating. Healthy, fresh, cleaning-out-your-system kind of eating. I always get a boost from putting nutritious stuff into me. And hey, a little ice cream can’t hurt either.

4. Cry. Sometimes that’s the only thing that I can do to throw the car into third gear and floor it. Once I get all that water out of my system (and plan my next day around my blow fish face), I can often get on with the narrative of climbing out of the hole.

5. Friends. The support of friends is big, huge, MANDATORY. The very act of unloading your woes and getting a hug, or some kindness from a friend can heal a boo boo quicker than antibiotics.  Eat with a friend for bonus points. Laugh until you pee your pants with a friend and your halfway back to normal.

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