gratitude-a-thon day 426: small bites friday

I can’t believe they waste this place on baseball.
Charlie and his estrogen tsunami entourage leave Fenway happy.

Billy Joel rocked Fenway Park last night, and kicked off my summer with a big gosh darn bang. After having to call in sick for my Madison Square Garden birthday gift from Peter, I got a re-do last night and it was effing awesomeness. At 65, the piano man’s still got it going on, and well, Fenway is a super cool place to see live music. They should really turn that place into a concert venue.

My sister is back. My sister is back. Gratitude times a bajillion.

I am going to the happy place tomorrow for two weeks. No, not a wing at McClean’s, the Vineyard, silly.

Ready for some major league beach time.

Ann Coulter continues to amaze in her profoundly inane and uneducated rant on soccer. She calls hating it America’s favorite pastime. Hating her is mine.

And in other soccer news, the US survives Group of Death. Take that, Ann.


Bucket list vacation spot. ooooh la la.

Excited to see The Leftovers starting this Sunday on HBO. My friend, the amazing Ann Dowd, is in it.




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