gratitude-a-thon day 336: finding space


The mecca of storage containment.

Ten years ago when I renovated my kitchen, I made a big unfortunate error. I forgot to make a cabinet for my platters and trays, and Jeez, I love platters and trays, so if you were standing around my house you might find yourself having to hold one, since there really hasn’t been an appropriately convenient way to store them in a decade.

After I finished grieving and hitting myself across the face, I tried lots of different storage ideas. I had them in an antique dresser in the living room–but forget it–totally inconvenient, and the dresser didn’t really hold enough of them anyway. I tried a pull out drawer housed in my island, but then you’d have to rearrange them all to get to the bottom one, and by then I’d practically lose my will to cook, or entertain. I had them in the bottom two shelves of a shabby chic desk sort of item, but recently I decided I really didn’t want that piece in my house anymore, which made me start to reassess my storage, and think about where else my platters and trays could call home. Plus my sister, who is really good at organizing and paring down, is here, and when I told her about my plan to get rid of the desk, she was all over it.

oooh, la, la, my brand new platters and trays cabinet.

Anyway, I did some major dismantling of the desk and a whole bunch of shelves in my kitchen yesterday, with my sister’s help. And then the two of us decided we needed to look for some sort of contraption that would turn an existing cabinet, which I’d totally emptied of non-essential and useless pots, pans and–Good God–pan covers (I had 1,000, I really think I did), into a safe and convenient haven for my platters and trays. So, we did what organizationally kookoo people do, and took ourselves to the Container Store, which is a place we could both spend our life savings. We bought three different types of possible storage solutions, and then we went home, and I went at that cabinet, and guess what? GUESS WHAT? The first one I put in there worked. (I still have five platters that won’t fit, but I’m not going to be greedy here). And just like that, space seemed to open up to make me a platters and trays cabinet. (Ok, I had to help space along, but STILL) And the funny thing is, I ALWAYS HAD THAT SPACE,  I just didn’t know it. DON’T YOU JUST LOVE WHEN THAT HAPPENS?

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