gratitude-a-thon day 357: rhode trip

On Thursday, with the sun turned on high, our good friends Karen and Maia took us on a mother daughter road trip to their summer digs in Wickford Rhode Island. Aside from working in an ad agency in Providence for about a year (where one of my accounts was the state of Rhode Island), and going to Newport a few times, and Watch HIll with my mom and sister, in like 1968, where I rode the carousel and ate unforgettable fried chicken and mashed potatoes, I haven’t really explored the smallest state in the country, that has, as I so frequently used to tout in the ads I wrote, “384 miles of coastline.” As a lover of all things beach, I musta been in an extended coma.

Anyway, we packed a lot into our mini vacay, and I came out a believer. What a great place, a hidden gem, Rhode Island is. From Allie’s Donuts (sublime with local color and a line 20 long) to the Farmer’s Market at Casey Farms (with the friendliest vendors anywhere, not to mention a cornucopia of mushrooms that were like art, and where I bought a sugary scrub that I KNOW will transform my summer-worn skin to lovely and young again) to the amazing Narragansett Beach,( where a spontaneous text would allow us to meet up with my good friend Ginny, who invited us to her sister’s INSANELY beautiful ocean front home, and where, at last, I met the Princess of Cute,Ginny’s granddaughter, Madeline), to our walk through historic and crazy adorable  Wickford (including a super find $18 scarf), a late afternoon boat ride, a candlelight dinner where we ate Karen’s delish food, drank this summer’s drink–crushed blueberries, lemonade, basil and vodka (which desperately needs a name), and played phone charades (you wear your phone on your forehead to play), we had a freaking ball. I will be back. MEGA thanks to our hosts. It was just what I needed. Rhode Island forever.

On the rocks.
Ally & Maia have known each other since 1st grade.
Moms and as our girls called themselves, “daughts.”
Karen is awesome. That is all.
An unbelievably gorgeous church in historic Wickford, where Karen’s mother-in-law is buried, and where her sister-in-law was married.
The Wickford Collection, an inspiring antique/interior design store.
Da drinks and the munchies.
Ahhh, flowers at the Farmer’s Market.
I’ve actually never seen spikey sunflowers like this.
The color of summer.
Mushrooms as art. I couldn’t quite get over how beautiful these were.
The color purple.
Queen Ginny and Princess Madeline. What a treat this was.
Ally and Maia set out for a boat ride.
Captain Colby and first mate Scott.
A really fun two days. Thanks Karen, Maia, Scott and Colby for sharing your happy place.

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