gratitude-a-thon day 392: catching the last rays

Beyond the fact that i love the beach, I sort of love all the colors of the beach goers, too.

It’s August 25. Some people are already back at school. Ever notice how school is like the grim reaper of summer, even though September is a kick ass weather month? Once that bell rings, it’s over.

I was totally obsessed with how pretty these women looked. Plus, this is my kind of beach outfit, covered from head to toe!

Anyway, I took myself to Crane Beach yesterday for a leisurely day of walking and reading and just plain sitting and looking at the water, trying to grab the last bits of sunshine before what the Farmer’s Almanac says, will be a brutal winter. I found myself a somewhat secluded little spot of sand close to the water so I could hear the waves, which soothe me like a mom can almost always soothe a baby by picking that little bundle up. But then a rather large Indian family descended on the water from their spot further away from the shore, and the air filled with the sound of Hindi. At first I was annoyed by their noise, but then I closed my eyes and imagined I was in India. It was sort of cool. I’m good at fooling myself. Also there were three women in beautiful sari’s, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. I started snapping covert pictures of them from the back, but felt too intrusive to get up and frame my shot. Finally, I was so taken with the beauty of them against the water, I got up and showed them my photo and told them how totally stunning they looked. Two of them looked at me blankly and nodded to the third, who spoke english. They all laughed, quite obviously thinking me foolish. But hey, beauty is where you find it. It was a good day.

Me and my phone, just watching the water go in and out.

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