gratitude-a-thon day 399: maybe brad and angelina got it right

people-magazine-angelina-wedding-vogue-2sep14-pr_b_320x480 hello-magazine-angelina-wedding-vogue-2sep14-pr_b_320x480

I can’t help but wonder if maybe Brad and Angelina have it right. Have kids, and then get married. I mean, I really like the idea that the kids would be part of your commitment to one another. Anybody can make a baby, but deciding to make a family is a whole other story. Yeah, I know, divorce is always an option, or you can consciously uncouple, as easily as you can find a Starbucks, but there is something lovely to me about this whole clan getting married together, sealing the deal as a family.

And aren’t you just a little bit impressed with the two of them for being able to pull off a wedding without paparazzi, drama, press? Doesn’t it just make you think of them as really being in love vs. fake being in love? And what about the veil, with the kid’s drawings stitched in? Jeez, I’m a little in love with these guys myself. I know Angie has a checkered past, but between her humanitarian work, the way she handled her double mastectomy, and her general grace, I think she’s good people. Like, really good people. You guys killed it. Here’s to a long and happy life together, Jolie-Pitt clan. Maybe it’s a completely staged PR campaign, but good job, I for one, think you’re super cool.

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