gratitude-a-thon day 404: bunion voyage

Don’t worry about the veins–I’ve always been veiny, even when I was young. We’re looking at the bulge on the left foot. That’s the thing we’re getting rid of. And if you’re thinking it’s purely a cosmetic procedure, you’re wrong. This bump is taking over the joint.
Here are normal (and beautiful) feet. See how the two toes meet.
Here are my poor little feet. See how the left one is trying to exit stage left ?


Tomorrow at this time I will be all valiumed up, awaiting 7:30 departure for bunion surgery. It’s only been a lifetime in the making, and 10 years of trying to muster my courage, find the right doctor and do it. This thing has plagued me in the middle of the night, when I worry that it will take over and I won’t be able to exercise or walk. It’s forced me to give up one of the world’s great pleasures: shoe shopping. Plus it’s ugly. Plus it’s gotten so big, it’s starting to order its own meal in restaurants (that’s where I draw the line).

I won’t be able to do much for a week, but rest, ice, elevate. And then I’ll be in a boot. And then I’ll be in physical therapy. And then I’ll be in like really ugly wide boxy sneakers, and then around January, I might be able to get myself into some sort of cute-ish real life shoes. Yeah, this is going to be a long haul.

In the end, I hope I’ll have made a smart choice. Sometimes you have to live by the words of Nike and “Just do it.” I sure hope this is one of those times.


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