gratitude-a-thon day 411: no pain & real chips only

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There will be no more baked chips for me, no more saved calories. Real chips only, from here on out.


Here we are on day 6 and ready to go to the doctor’s this morning! I am really anxious to see this foot.

So, yesterday, surprise, surprise, was more of the same, minus the Vicodin. Full disclosure: I did take a half later in the night, because I had a little discomfort, but none during the day. Yeah, pain level was non-existent, really. This boot, and that position are wearing me out, so I took a break, and didn’t elevate the entire day. My friend Ginny came over with a turkey wrap and some lavender foot cream, which I slathered on my unbooted foot immediately. I also asked her to bring real chips, vs baked chips, because I have decided no more baked chips. Fuck it, life is 5 seconds long, REAL CHIPS ONLY. She is so fun and also brought Ally cookies, which I gobbled one of, the minute she left.

Thanks Gin, this stuff smells great. My other foot was feeling so unloved, this was just the thing.

I have now completed the entire series Married, which is totally stellar. I painted the nails on my other foot. I finished my book. Oh, AND I TOOK A BATH. Yes, you heard right, this girl took a full on bath, and WASHED HER HAIR. I know you’re impressed. Yes, I am a superstar. Actually, it was easy. I shoulda done it days ago.

Okey Dokey Folky, I am getting up to get dressed. I haven’t been out of the house in a week. Feels to me like I need a coat. And maybe even boots. Oh, I already got one on. (I’m giddy with doctor’s appointment glee, can you tell).



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