gratitude-a-thon day 435: voyeuristic high


I never miss the tv show, The Voice. It’s a better version of the singling competition, American Idol, in that, the judges are turned away from the singer, so they can only hear their voice, and not see what they look like (hence the clever, little name of the show). There are four judges, and they hit their buttons if they like a singer. When more than one hits, the power is in the singer’s hands. They get to choose which coach’s team they’d like to be on. That little piece of brilliance is a great part of this show, because you get to watch a celebrity beg a regular person to be on their team, which is just a super fun turn of the tables.

Here’s the thing, I’ve decided that it’s good for you to watch people’s dreams come true. Many of the singers have a story. They’ve lost a parent, or they’ve had to quit music to help out their families, or they’re raising a child alone, or they were bullied, ignored, introverted, sick, living in poverty, or challenged in some profound way while they were growing up. Of course, some of the singers are just regular, too. But the thing is, they all know that being chosen to be on The Voice, will change their lives. And as I watch Adam Levine (who used to be my celeb crush), Pharrel Williams (my new celeb crush. This guy is a soulful, thoughtful, brilliant slice of pie), Gwen Stefani (I don’t love her, but you can’t have everything), and Blake Shelton (his Southern charm and sincerity is downright seductive) hand out dreams like they are handing out Halloween candy, I smile. I mean I really smile. Through the entire show. I have a grin on my face for 60 minutes. I can’t shut it down. And I’ve realized that the smile is about watching people get validated, watching them get the opportunity to do something they love as their work. And that isn’t just good for the person, it seems to be good for me. I feel better after watching this show. I’m serious. There’s something life-affirming that happens when I plunk myself down and smile. I’m telling you, I get a contact high from seeing these people get a meet and greet with their dreams.

New “feel good” information: watching other people have good things happen to them, is almost as good as having good things happen to you.

2 thoughts on “gratitude-a-thon day 435: voyeuristic high

  1. And every single day we can each bring a smile into someone’s life by a simple act of kindness … I know you do it, Toni – to real people you encounter & the smile give them. You are the star of my real life TV.

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