gratitude-a-thon day 450: cheap thrills


I found this article today on the Huffpost and started thinking about my own cheap ways of finding joy. Here’s what I got.

1. Sleep in. Shut the alarm clock off and slumber away. Yeah, you’ll have to deal when you get up, but c’mon, pure unadulterated joy for that moment is worth it.

2. Have a serious cuddle with your animal. I can’t believe how happy hanging with my dog makes me. And the cost: nada.

3. Shop online, but don’t buy anything. I call this windows shopping, and just like real window shopping, it doesn’t cost  a cent. I go to a site, load up my cart, and then leave. Sometimes I go back to the site and buy,  but half the time, I don’t buy a thing, but I sort of get the thrill of thinking I did.

4. Call a friend. Sometimes talking on the phone is so darn nourishing. And it has no calories. Score.

5. Make a plan for the weekend, a trip, the holidays. Anticipating happiness is part of feeling happiness. And it’s free, free, free.

6. Clean the kitchen. I don’t know, when there’s no clutter in the kitchen, the world seems a better place.

7. Take a bath. Gawd, I LOVE A BATH. That first moment when you immerse yourself in that hot water and your muscles are all, like, singing the Hallelujah chorus. Ahhhhhhh.

8. Put some music on and dance. Really get your groove on. I do this all the time. Dance party for one, and yes, my neighbors must think I’m kookoo for Coco Puffs, but who cares. Extra joy, if you also sing LOUDLY to the song you’re dancing to. With my voice, this is the only acceptable way to sing.

9. Stretch. It’s amazing what giving your body a stretch or two will do for the rest of you.

10. Go to a bookstore and read. Hit the magazine rack, sit down with an interior design book, scan the best sellers and read a paragraph or two of every one. I always feel good in a book store. Even though I’m a Kindle reader, I still get a thrill in a store filled with words.

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