gratitude-a-thon day 453: A good book is a good book


I’m having a sinus thing, which on top of that foot thing has kept me in bed and BORED. So, having just seen the movie Gone Girl, and having loved the book, except for the ending, which I felt like was a letdown, I took my trusty Kindle and decided to see what else Gillan Flynn had written. I came up with Sharp Objects, and while you might argue that Ms. Flynn is no literary master, I would argue that she sure can type out a tantalizingly engrossing story.

Yeah, I could be sticking my nose into the latest political essays, or devouring some classic I missed, but know what? Ms. Flynn has me in the palm of her hand. And that’s where I like to be when I’m reading. She knows how to create characters while she’s spinning her tale, characters that you care about. That’s huge. And without it a story is about as good as reading the side of a milk bottle. Here’s to Ms. Flynn, you got me.

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