gratitude-a-thon day 459: bhs gvs PLAYOFFS TODAY


10653835_694654863952936_1071887011179702800_n 47a4ce02b3127cce98548c932a9a00000035100AbN27dm1aNGYA-1 10676336_698125500272539_248561135052566303_n

IMG_2442 IMG_2422 1527007_712794735472282_4835993931228760198_n Today the BHS girls varsity soccer team hits their home field for their first playoff game in 38 years! Unfortunately, the game is at 2:00, meaning that lots of parents can’t come, and of course, none of the students can come either, but Peter and I will be there! And I will be yelling extra loud, which means even if you’re reading this from the UK, Bulgaria, or Australia, you’ll likely be able to hear me.

Fingers crossed for a win, but even if they lose, they’ve already won. Warrior pride, baby!



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