gratitude-a-thon day 464: spontaneous saturday night


So, last night we were going to see Birdman, with the second choice of Whiplash at the Coolidge, but when we got to the ticket window, they were both sold out, because we didn’t pre-buy at like 10:00 in the morning, so we were loitering outside the theater when we saw our friends Jocelyn and Paul. We had an impromptu dinner that was even better than either of those movies.

I love when a spontaneity strikes. It’s one of those great moments that somehow feels like it was slipped in under the wire. Like you pulled one over on fate. Like you got an extra dollop of whipped cream that had no calories.

And my meal was really great too (so good, I didn’t even share)–chicken wrapped around avocado. #perfectsaturdaynight. viva la spontaneity.


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