gratitude-a-thon day 663: these glasses help you see what’s important


315x156I’ve had designer sunglasses for a lot of years now. Prada mostly, but Kate Spade and Chanel, too. I have to put a prescription lens in them, so it’s a pricey situation, but  I wear them everyday, sun or no sun, so they’re a worthwhile purchase, and they generally last me a year or two. So, my latest Prada’s were scratched up and ready to be replaced, and I looked around and around to find the same pair, because I really liked them, but couldn’t. Then I remembered seeing Warby Parker sunglasses while I was having lunch at The Standard in Miami, and I googled them right up and went down to their newish Newbury Street location, and bought a pair yesterday. They were all of $95 (minus the cost of the prescription, which I will get at a one day place because I want them quicker than the week it takes at WP). They’re great looking glasses, but here’s the best thing about them. When you buy a pair, a pair is purchased for someone in need. Here’s a cool video explaining. Now that’s a company with vision.

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