gratitude-a-thon day 649: choosing gratitude


Finding gratitude isn’t always easy. Easy is droning on about what’s wrong, listing  complaints, endlessly whining. It’s too hot/cold/icy/snowy/rainy. The price of dried apples is too high (I bought a small bag of these, my new favorite snack food the other day, and it was $6.00. SIX BUCKS. For one little serving, one little bag!) People are bad drivers. There’s nothing on tv. Politicians are all liars. Global warming is fake.

The thing is, that gratitude is literally spinning around us, like a tornado, but it’s in our hands as to whether we choose to pluck the good stuff as it swirls round and round, or ignore it in favor of a litany of what’s wrong. You don’t get paid enough. Your kids are spoiled. You hate the weather (here, here), Christmas is too commercialized. High heels are a conspiracy to keep women down.

Everyday we have a choice. We can take the easy road, sans potholes (which means you’re not living in Massachusetts, I can tell you), tunnel down the rabbit hole of ugly, or choose to see what is good. See, ugly is everywhere. Ugly is always knocking on the door, hell, sometimes it just barges in, in fact. But the small moments of pretty, of things to be grateful for, they politely hide in plain site, needing only to be recognized to come to life. It’s your job to acknowledge them. It’s your job to use a highlighter pen on those moments, put them under a microscope, shine one of those big Hollywood premier lights on them, if you want to have a happier life.

Interestingly, many of us think that happiness is delivered to us in a  FedEx package. Shows right up at your door. But in truth, happiness is something you have to participate in, you have to look for, you have to save from drowning in a pool of Kardashians. Happiness is a choice, and part of the choice is noticing what it is you can be grateful for in every moment.

It’s a choice. Your choice. Every single day.



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