gratitude-a-thon day 479: cooking it up slowly


I got a slow cooker about five years ago thinking that it would solve the age old misery, and answer the burning question: “What are we having for dinner?” without me having to knock myself out every night. I imagined throwing the food into that thing and a meal on a platter coming out when I opened it. I fantasized about how easy it would make everything. I thought this thing might even be able to vacuum.

I was misguided.

The slow cooker found its way up onto a high shelf in an upstairs closet, and has been residing there since I realized it was not the “Jesus” of cooking. But, I have been thinking about taking that bad boy out and giving it another try. Perhaps expectations are everything, and older and wiser, maybe I have more appropriate ones now.

This compilation of recipes inspired me some. Because how grateful would I be if I could just let dinner cook all day and have it when it was time to devour? I wonder if it can make salad?

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