gratitude-a-thon day 484: yeah, um NOT DYING MY UNDERARM HAIR



I’m just saying, in case, you know, you were wondering, I will not be dying my underarm hair.

I have my hands quite full trying to prevent myself from looking like Barbara Bush as it is, dying my head hair every three weeks. I am not going to dye my UNDERARM HAIR.

And plus, even if I had the time, I would not have the inclination. I have always hated the coarse fuzzy hair that grows under one’s arms. I have consistently found even the slightest bit unattractive. Being Italian and Jewish, you can only imagine that I have spent half of my life with a razor in my hand going at it. I wasn’t a fan of all those 60’s chicks who flaunted the “natural” hair under their arms as a sign of freedom. I always just thought it looked like a sign that you needed a shower. I’m happy to report that as you get older, it lessens. In fact, if I wanted to dye my underarm hair, I would have to have an underarm hair transplant before I got out the dye. (This is one sign of aging, AND MAYBE THE ONLY SIGN OF AGING, that gets high marks.)

Anyway, in case you’re living in a cave, news outlets like Time have declared that dying your underarm hair is now officially a thing. And it’s gratefully, a thing I will not be doing. Carry on.

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