gratitude-a-thon day 490: the creativity of technology


Technology is a two-sided coin. On one side, you have the unquenchable social media component. That hungry bear, roaring “feed me, feed me,” all the time can not only be menacing, but downright bossy. On the other side, is the ability it affords us to be creative. And me love creative.

Say what you want about Apple (and in the last few years, people have been saying some pretty unflattering stuff), but the fact that your fucking phone can take great video, and that you do not need a PhD to make it work is similar to that baby in that manger. (Yes, I know what I’m saying, but that’s how miraculous I feel like it is.)

This Apple commercial (which recently won an Emmy) is a perfect depiction of how stupendous having a little machine in your pocket can be. How it can help you capture what’s in your heart, when your mouth can’t do the job.

3 thoughts on “gratitude-a-thon day 490: the creativity of technology

  1. Yep, my total favorite, too. Always chokes me up. For me, it feels like real life – authentic. I am grateful for it 🙂 I posted on my personal FB and was relunctant to post on WeGush but you have inspired me to do so 🙂 I am grateful for that, too. Miss you! Hope to see you over Christmas!

  2. I liked that first video they did with the iPhone a few years back- was really amazing- similar vibe- only without people- I believe it was someone traveling. I love Apple, I was obsessed with them when Steve was alive- I have to say it feels a bit different now- still great! What a legacy.

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