gratitude-a-thon day 494: the bunion dance


This was NOT ME in the zumba class I took last night. I was the one tripping and off beat, but me and my bunion did it, and most importantly, we felt like we were this girl. Which is to say, we had FUN.

Last night I went to a zumba class. Yes, me and my three month post bunionectomy foot went to a zumba class. And guess what we did? We zumba’d! (I think I just made up a new word, for which I also made up a new spelling).

My fitness level, which only like a year ago, was pretty darn good, is now like that of a stuffed animal. Between my trainer leaving for the sunny skies of California, to the fact that I haven’t been able to exercise full on for at least six months, I am back at ground zero. GROUND ZERO. And my motivation has been hovering around there too, I might add. So last night was great, because 1) It was fun. 2) It was engaging ( I had to concentrate on the teacher to make sure I didn’t fall on my head). 3) I fucking love to dance.

This class gave me the little push I needed to get my groove back in the fitness department. Thanks to my friend Luciana for dragging my sorry (and hefty) ass to Equinox (I think I might have to join this place). IT was just the holiday ho, ho, ho I needed.


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