gratitude-a-thon day 499: merry, happy & ho, ho, ho


Last year in Barcelona, this was one of my favorite of the zillions of light displays. They know how to do it up in the holiday light department, I can tell you.


All is calm (because Ally has the flu).

All is bright (the sun hasn’t been out in five days, with the exception of Tuesday from 9-9:15).

And it’s Christmas eve!

I’ll do a few last minute errands today, but this santa is in pretty good shape (actually, I’m in dreadful shape, but guess what my de-bunionized foot and I have at the top of our New Year’s resolutions).

This holiday means different stuff to different people, but to me it means forcing my two older sisters up at un-Godly hours, my sister Joni going downstairs first to plug in the lights and then calling for us. It means seeing that tree with those big fat colored lights, covered in mass amounts of that silver icicle stuff, which you’d find all over the house for the rest of the year, surrounded by a vast array of every single thing on my list. I know materialism should take a back burner on such a religious holiday, but damn, how can you not like a veritable pile of gifts when you’re a kid? Gifts you asked Santa for?

So, hard as I might try not to, Peter and I go a little overboard with our kids, too. In the same way I loved getting all those years ago, I love giving. I enjoy the choosing the exact right thing, the surprised look on the get-tee’s face, the wrapping.

I hope you get what you want for Christmas or Hannukah, or whatever holiday you celebrate. For me, this year, having my family together is as stellar as that pile of gifts my mom and dad so lovingly put under those Charlie Brown tree’s we always seemed to snag. Ho, ho, ho, may it be merry and bright.