gratitude-a-thon day 508: two dogs are even better than one

An accusatory look from Riley. “Is she staying, or what?”


I’ve been dog sitting a good friend’s dog for the past two days. And my husband and I are like, “ok, I could totally see having two dogs.” We think it’s hysterical the way they follow us around, compete for attention, mimic each other. Instead of just getting a hero’s welcome home when you come in the door, you get two furry parades. It’s totally awesome.

Violet, making her way through Riley’s toy basket.


There have been some scuffles over bones, which Riley has hidden all over the house, as if he is thinking about nuclear disaster, and wants to be prepared. Half the time I’m sleeping with a rawhide chew under my pillow, or sitting on top of one when I’m on the couch. Anyway, the minute Violet arrived, he got very proprietary with his stash. But once I took all the bones and put them out of reach, the two of them seemed to do just fine.

Anyway, it’s made me laugh a lot. And I’m always grateful for anything that makes me laugh. So, here’s to Violet.


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