gratitude-a-thon day 558: the MIT Museum


Sometimes you ignore the stuff right under your nose.

My brother-in-law and 12 year old nephew are visiting, because they’re going to a video game convention (I can’t think of anything I’d less like to go to), and they came in a day early, because they got slammed with snow in Arlington, VA (slammed in Arlington VA, by the way, is six inches, which around here, is called Spring). So, yesterday, I was able to do something fun with them, and the something fun was go to the MIT Museum. Now, it’s not like I have never known about the MIT Museum. My husband and kids have been multiple times. Peter has brought guests there before, but each time, I somehow couldn’t go.

And guess what? The MIT Museum is super cool. If you’ve never been (like me), get in the car now. There were student exhibits, as well as  exhibits on science and photography, one on robots. There was a kinetic sculptures exhibit, and one on holograms. WHO DOESN’T LOVE A HOLOGRAM EXHIBIT? I am such a sucker for a hologram. HOW DO THEY DO THAT? There was even a bubble installment, which I kind of wanted to steal for my living room because of its soothing, meditative qualities. I sat and watched it for about 10 minutes, and calmed myself into practically falling asleep.

This was the bubble installment. Soap bubble are entrapped and blown upward between two pieces of glass, and they just sort of do their thing, creating a honeycomb sort of shape and getting all kinds of rainbow-y.

The museum is on the smallish side, which I like a lot. Somehow, being able to see a whole museum in one visit makes me feel good. When I go to a large museum, I always feel bad about not seeing everything. It’s stupid, I know, and when the kids were little, I instituted the “one hour” rule, which was that we’d see what we could for one hour, knowing their attention spans wouldn’t and couldn’t take in much more. Turns out, I’ve kept up with that rule though, because the truth is, my attention span can’t take much more than an hour, either, but still, I tend to feel kind of guilty about what I’ve missed.

A fish robot.
A fabulous picture of the divine Lady Gaga in a photo next to her photo, which appears in the Polaroid exhibit. 

Afterward, we went to Flour Bakery, which I continue to wish would come to Brookline (and set up in my kitchen). We had absolutely delish sandwiches, and sat in the window and watched the MIT world go by. My sandwich was chicken with mashed avocado and jicama. May I just say, that I do not think I have ever had jicama before, and I am extremely depressed about all the years I have missed eating this crunchy, sweet vegetable.

This is one of my favorite lunch places.

It was a really fun couple of hours. My brother-in-law is great. He owns an ad agency, so we always have a lot to talk about. And my nephew is growing up so darn fast, this trip he’s actually taller than I am (of course, I’m probably shrinking). He’s really smart, and although he’s only in sixth grade, we introduced the idea of him going to M.I.T. (personally, I think he should start that damn college essay now, but I doubt he’ll listen to his old aunt).



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