gratitude-a-thon day 561: how does your garden grow

Emilie Faye, of Dakar, Senegal is an entrepreneur. She took lemons and made a whole big garden of lemonade.


Sometimes when I’m feeling lazy and not particularly motivated (like, say, this winter), when I’d rather watch re-runs of Carrie and the girls running around the city having sex, I read an article like this, and I think, “YOU COULD BE GROWING A GARDEN, GET OFF THE COUCH.”

Maybe necessity is the mother of invention, but I always wonder why some people take on a negative situation and only see the positive, and some don’t (and some just turn on cable). I guess I’m asking the big question of what makes someone tick? But the thing is, don’t we all want to be better, do better? Don’t we all want to take the crap that comes our way and compost it? Don’t we all want to turn that frown upside down when the shit hits the fan?

Thanks to Emilie Faye for reminding me to look for the silver lining in not just a bank of dark clouds, but in any situation in which I feel stuck. Sometimes boundaries are just parameters that bring out the best ideas.





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