gratitude-a-thon day 570: cosmic timing


Sometimes I am amazed by the timing of the way things go down, and I have no other explanation except to blame it on a magical cosmic force, a sort of divine intervention. Yesterday was a crap day for me. Just crap. And I was feeling down and positively navy blue. When the mail came, I saw a package, and it was from a friend who I met only because of a tragic event. (And although this new friend is like the best cup of coffee ever (just the right color, exactly the right sweetness), I would trade her to erase the tragic event in a heartbeat.)

I’m sorry to be so opaque, but that’s just how this story goes. But anyway, I ripped open the package and found a book. I dove into it, at the end of my crap day, and it was like this friend was in the room hugging me just when I needed it. RIGHT. THERE. IN. THE. ROOM. This book, My Favorite Things by Maira Kalman is just beautiful. GORGEOUS writing, heavenly illustrations. And this quote on the back: “Book. Fish. Suit. Time. Mother. Father. Life. Everything is a part of everything. We live, we blunder. Love unites us.” And just like that, I understood my day.


2 thoughts on “gratitude-a-thon day 570: cosmic timing

  1. This was the sweetest side dish with my Sunday morning coffee. Good morning, Toni. XXOO

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