gratitude-a-thon day 576: you’re not an octopus


The other day I made waffles. I didn’t make them like, from scratch, or anything, I just put them in the toaster (they are Van’s gluten free waffles, which, by the way, totally taste like they have gluten, meaning they are scrumptious, unlike gluten free bread for instance, which is like eating the real estate section of the New York Times). I dump ricotta or cottage cheese on top with some Aunt Jemima’s light butter syrup for a fab and super satisfying breakfast.

Anywho, I put them on a plate, and walked upstairs eating them, bopped into Ally’s room to see what she was up to, and then took to the stairs, to head on back to the kitchen. Only when I hit the last step, I misjudged, and somehow forgot it was there, because I was paying attention to my mouth and the glorious taste of my waffle, instead of what my feet were doing and I hit the floor with so much force, I fell on my ass, the plate broke into 20 pieces, and the waffle did an imitation of The Flying Wallendas. Boom. I was all like, “what the hell just happened?” Ally came running, I popped three Advil immediately, and iced my foot. I was hyperventilating and breathing like a pervy phone caller.

Course, what I should be most freaked about is the fact that I wasn’t sitting down at my perfectly nice kitchen table to enjoy each and every browned and syruped morsel of my breakfast, instead of traveling around the house eating like Harrison Ford in The Fugitive. I feel like the universe was saying, “Pay attention, or you’re going to trip up.” Which is exactly what I did, I tripped up.

Sometimes I don’t get the subtle messages that come at me, but when I remember to look for them, there they are. This one was pretty literal. I’m grateful I wasn’t behind the wheel, focusing on one of my Almond Cashew with Flax Kind Bars, instead of the road. That could really been a disastrous wake up call.

There are days when I need to bust out the multi-tasking, but a leisurely Saturday morning wasn’t one of them. So, I’m taking it as a lesson, and trying to be more aware of doing one thing at a time when I can. Maybe I’ll have eggs this morning. Sitting down. At my table.


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