gratitude-a-thon day 579: animals gone wild

Since all that white stuff, 108 inches of white stuff, to be specific, has melted, my yard has become like Marlin Perkins Wild Kingdom. There are like these crazy, bold, acrobatic squirrels who are flipping and running, and look like they’re trying out for America’s Got Talent, a bunch of robins, an unusual amount of bluebirds, and bunnies, which is brand new. We have never had bunnies before. Bunnies in Brookline. Maybe the winter freaked out all the animals the way it freaked out all the people, and they’re in serious vacation mode. Today I pulled into my driveway and a squirrel was at full attention on his hind legs, seemingly praying to my garbage cans. images-4 I love animals, so like, the more the merrier. But seriously, it’s like watching an animal version of Footloose from my kitchen table.

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