gratitude-a-thon day 584: what powerlessness can do


At least it was peaceful in Baltimore last night.

I’ve watched the coverage of that city for two night now. Riveted by the images, the people, looting, fires, fear.

Don’t think a white woman living in a privileged town may understand what living in inner city Baltimore might be like, or having an act of police brutality kill a man in your neighborhood? Don’t think I can feel the kind of powerlessness an act like this could result in?  But I can.

Because I’m human.

What I don’t fully understand is how powerlessness makes a community turn on itself. The fires and looting of the previous night took resources from this community that intercity Baltimore is already sorely lacking in.  Do those residents feel so unempowered that they think, “What the hell does it matter?”

Last night’s moving image of people linking arms standing in front of the police line as a buffer from the protesters made me cry. It seemed this was the real heart of this city, trying to strengthen and protect.

At least it was peaceful in Baltimore last night. Amen.

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