gratitude-a-thon day 608: bye Dave

It’s hard to say goodbye to cultural icons. David Letterman signed off last night in a blaze of celebrity adulation and laughs. Dave, a sarcastic smart ass was something totally different when Late Night was born in 1993. He was the cool guy on campus, the one who was so much hipper than Carson. And just by watching, you felt cooler, too.

I saw him live when I lived in NYC. It was an all day waiting game I shared with my brother-in-law. We were in the last row, but it was awesome, although the set was so much smaller than it looked on tv. There was nothing small about Dave, however.

I don’t stay up to watch Dave anymore. But still, this passing makes me reflect on the passage of time, in a way that startles me. Thanks to David Letterman for all the laughs, all the moments, and all the next day re-enactments of the Top 10 List. Which brings me to last night’s Top 10 List. It was perfect.

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