gratitude-a-thon day 628: watermelon love


I am a watermelon-a-holic. I’m like the old Lay’s potato chip commercial–“Bet you can’t eat just one.” I have a hard time not eating a whole watermelon. Swear to God. I have almost eaten a whole one all by myself. Not even exaggerating. I had my tonsils out in 3rd grade and the only thing that tasted good to me afterward was the juice of watermelon. I existed on the juice of watermelon for like three days. When I was pregnant with Jake, I ate a half of a huge watermelon the day of a doctor’s appt. and had gained 11 pounds in one month, which was five pounds more than I was supposed to gain. The doctor and nurse scolded me. I was baffled, because I really had been eating well. When I gained only three pounds the next month, we realized the previous month’s number had been watermelon weight!

Anywho, I am always trying to find good ways of serving and storing the leftover melon (that I fight myself not to devour), and I thought this was one way i’d never tried, Here’s to your melons.

gratitude-a-thon day 627: unleash your gratitude:


You know we here (MEANING ME HERE) at the gratitude-a-thon think gratitude is everything, and you probably think it’s a little something too, if you’ve clicked on over to read this. And we here (MEANING ME HERE) never think there are enough ways to show our gratitude to people who do right by us, to friends, neighbors, and countrymen, doctors, lawyers, and indian chiefs. And so we thought we you might like to know how you can show a little gratitude with a cool website, and today, A COOL NEW APP AT THE APP STORE, called

Here’s the deal: my friend Martha, who is like the best neighbor, and a person who always makes sure that you get remembered and thanked for even the smallest thing, and is always super positive, and just like all-around awesome (plus she has twins, and don’t you just have to give it up to ANY WOMAN WHO CARRIED TWO BABIES IN THEIR WOMB FOR NINE FREAKING MONTHS and then NURSED THEM, and then RAISED THEM? DON’T YOU? SERIOUSLY?) created The idea came from the years she spent coordinating teacher and coach appreciation gifts and cards. She thought there might be a better, more meaningful way online to give group appreciation, and was born (just like her twins, but not as heavy, AND BY THE WAY, SHE WENT ON TO HAVE ANOTHER KID, TOO. TWINS AND ANOTHER KID. AREN’T YOU DYING?). And then today, the App was born. (Happy birthday app!)

In fact, right now, this minute the WeGush. com app is waiting for you at the app store, so you should immediately download it for the price of da-da-da-da:  NOTHING. Because it’s free, free, free. Anyway, it offers you a bunch of adorable ways to text your gratitude on your phone (your cell phone, not your home phone–do people even have those anymore). And it’s like, all cute, and has a heart, and your friends will all really like it. Here’s an example of a message you could send (with many more on the way):


Plus then there’s space to add another message. (You can only imagine i would probably use “fuck” somewhere in that message, but I digress). Anyway, I will be downloading the app today. As soon as I stop writing. And I am damn grateful for it. And for Martha for inventing it. And for the fact that she had to have those twins, and I DID NOT (not that they aren’t great, because they are). Ok, everybody go to the app store right now. Say it with me, gratitude.

gratitude-a-thon day 626: you want control? pick up your remote


You know what’s funny. We don’t have any damn idea what’s going to happen tomorrow, and yet, we pretend we do. We plan  in cement. We project years into the future, because we know what’s going to happen, based solely on nothing more than what we want to happen.  And guess what? It’s all fairy dust. Because in a time span that is smaller than infinitesimal, your plans, your road map for life, your strategically though-out and uber well conceived plot can fail faster than a cat can catch a mouse locked in a small closet. I mean this idea that we have any control is funnier than anything that’s ever come out of the mouths of Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Amy Schumer, and Mindy Kaling COMBINED. And that’s a lot of funny. Maybe we’re born seeking control. Maybe it’s all that time spent locked inside the womb with no way out. Maybe we’re all like, “Once I get outta here, I am making my own decisions. I will never eat another one of those fucking multi-vitamin horse pills as long as I live.” But try as we may, we don’t have any control over anything. Consider yourself lucky if you’ve got a remote for your tv, because that’s the closest you’re going to come to controlling anything in this lifetime. And truthfully, it’s a little bit what makes this thing a horse race. If you could really control your world, it might not be so interesting, because while maybe you’re thinking that I’m describing the lack of control we have as solely negative, I also think it can spring up in ways that are wildly positive, life altering, and downright amazing. I met my husband by accident. I tried to plan meeting a great guy for years, but I never met “the one.” Not until fate intervened, plans disappeared, and spontaneity ruled the day.  I didn’t think I’d get to have a second baby, but I got pregnant in two months (after three years of infertility with my first). I have a long list of stuff that has happened because my plans failed, the control I thought I had was on vacation. Who knows? Who know what and why and where and when? We don’t. That’s who. I’m pretty sure learning to enjoy our utter lack of control, is a key step in making ourselves happy. Let go. See what happens. There really isn’t anyone at the wheel. And maybe that’s actually ok.

gratitude-a-thon day 625: over the rainbow


Yesterday Ally and I had to go to an appointment in Lexington. When we walked in, it was cloudy, when we walked out, we were in a downpour of every raindrop that has ever lived. We got on 128, where I could hardly see out of the windshield. I was clutching the wheel like it was a piece of Italian bread. The sky was a shape shifting dark gray and black, with peeks of sunlight coming through. About 15 minutes into our drive, a rainbow appeared. I am completely and utterly fascinated by rainbows, for their incredible beauty, but also for their symbolism. Anyway, this rainbow got thicker and bigger and brighter as we drove, and I was literally screaming about how crazy it was. Then it doubled. There were two. I was trying to snap pictures out my window (not a good idea while behind the wheel in sheets of rain), but I really wanted to get a recording of this event, because seriously, it was OUT OF THIS WORLD STUFF. TOTALLY OTHER- WORLDLY. And the light, the light was just crazy beautiful. I’m telling you if God himself popped up in the sky with a thought bubble saying “Look what I can do”, I wouldn’t have been any more shocked at what I was seeing.


When we got off the highway, the rainbow was still in play, but the rain had stopped. I was babbling on and on about the way the sky looked, the rainbow, how I’d never seen anything even close to it in my life. Ally was busy posting on Instagram. We pulled into Wegman’s, and I’m telling you, I’M TELLING YOU, the Wegman’s building was it up like 10 of those Hollywood Premier spotlights were on it. Wegman’s against a dark sky, lit up like the Vegas stip, and a rainbow to boot. I do not think it was a multi-media ad campaign for Wegman’s, but it looked like it.

I have had some personal struggles recently. I am taking this rainbow as a sign. A positive sign. Oh yes, I am. Life is how you experience it. Slow down and notice rainbows. They might be trying to tell you something.

gratitude-a-thon day 623: gratitude shorts


When you wake up to a blue sky (double points if that sky is at the beach). When you bump into someone you haven’t seen in a long time. That first sip of coffee. The way your daughter looks when she sleeps. When you hit the bed after a loooooooong day. When you have a really, really good laugh that starts in your stomach and makes its way to your bladder. When your garden is happy. Cherries.


A surprise phone call. A compliment. A sale at your most favorite store. When you help someone and it makes you feel better than it makes them. When you see a smaller number on the scale. When someone else grocery shops. An old picture that throws you right back into a happy second of time. When the birds chirping at 4 am stop. A farmer’s market.


When you find a gift card you’d clear forgotten about. When your office is clean. When your team wins. When your son calls. When your husband brings flowers. When you do a good job and someone notices. When you do a good job and nobody notices. A good deed. Any beach, anywhere, any time.


When you get that eight glasses of water in (and go to the bathroom all day). When your friend falls in love. When you give your dog a treat. When you decide it’s going to be a good day, and it is.

gratitude-a-thon day 621: happy graduation day, words of wisdom (mine)


Today is Brookline High School’s graduation. I was there two years ago, and I will be there next year. Parents, I am guessing you are feeling a lot of stuff. It’s all normal. My advice: wear sunscreen, bring water, don’t wear mascara. And don’t downplay how much work YOU did to get to this day. You don’t have to announce it, or put it on a cake, but just know, your kid didn’t get here because you were laying in bed eating Ben & Jerry’s.

Here’s something I wrote to my boy the day he walked on the stage at Cypress Field. Enjoy every sad and super celebratory moment of today. It is a milestone for sure. Love to you all.