gratitude-a-thon day 623: gratitude shorts


When you wake up to a blue sky (double points if that sky is at the beach). When you bump into someone you haven’t seen in a long time. That first sip of coffee. The way your daughter looks when she sleeps. When you hit the bed after a loooooooong day. When you have a really, really good laugh that starts in your stomach and makes its way to your bladder. When your garden is happy. Cherries.


A surprise phone call. A compliment. A sale at your most favorite store. When you help someone and it makes you feel better than it makes them. When you see a smaller number on the scale. When someone else grocery shops. An old picture that throws you right back into a happy second of time. When the birds chirping at 4 am stop. A farmer’s market.


When you find a gift card you’d clear forgotten about. When your office is clean. When your team wins. When your son calls. When your husband brings flowers. When you do a good job and someone notices. When you do a good job and nobody notices. A good deed. Any beach, anywhere, any time.


When you get that eight glasses of water in (and go to the bathroom all day). When your friend falls in love. When you give your dog a treat. When you decide it’s going to be a good day, and it is.

gratitude-a-thon day 621: happy graduation day, words of wisdom (mine)


Today is Brookline High School’s graduation. I was there two years ago, and I will be there next year. Parents, I am guessing you are feeling a lot of stuff. It’s all normal. My advice: wear sunscreen, bring water, don’t wear mascara. And don’t downplay how much work YOU did to get to this day. You don’t have to announce it, or put it on a cake, but just know, your kid didn’t get here because you were laying in bed eating Ben & Jerry’s.

Here’s something I wrote to my boy the day he walked on the stage at Cypress Field. Enjoy every sad and super celebratory moment of today. It is a milestone for sure. Love to you all.

gratitude–a-thon day 619: amy, amy, amy

schumerAmy Schumer was not on my laugh-dar until a few months ago. Now I can’t seem to get enough of her. If you don’t know her, you should take the day off, or even quit your job if you have to, and binge-watch her totally hilarious show–Inside Amy Schumer. It’s a sketch show interlaced with interviews. She is both adorable, nasty, hysterical, and all rah-rah girl power. She is not beautiful, not thin, and not afraid to discuss it. She is feisty, funny, fearless and a fucking IN YOUR FACE FEMINIST.

Take a look at her Glamour Awards acceptance speech for a preview of her kind of humor. Tell me you’re not laughing.

gratitude–a-thon day 618: doing you


It’s hard to always live your truth. To always do you. Sometimes who you feel you are, and who you really are, don’t match. People often walk around in full length masks, body armor, a false layer of protection . Often we don’t think people will love us unless we’re who they think we should be, or unless we’re the world’s version of normal.


I’m thinking we should just get rid of that word. Just kick it right out of the dictionary. Eviction Notice: normal. Because, does anybody fit its deceptive definition? Is anybody really normal?


I am surprised at how moved I was yesterday by seeing Caitlyn Jenner. And I think why it hit me that way is because having the courage to be who you are, whether that’s someone who believes in Christianity, equality, or  pizza, embodies the best of what we can be as human beings.  To be yourself, to live your life as who you truly are in the deepest part of your soul is a heroic act.  What I’m talking about is not ever being a false self, always living it authentically.


What must it be like to change your identity in the middle of your life? It must take everything, or it must be a desire so strong, that you have no choice, no matter how difficult, or challenging. But it’s also a decision that takes a heaping helping of guts. I am wlldly inspired to see Bruce Jenner man up and be who he has always known he was.  He had every reason to stay hidden. I have to admit, that his being who he really is, makes me want to work harder at living up to my own ideals, at making sure i’m always acting with the kind of integrity I feel in my heart. I am impressed by anyone who is introspective enough to live their life aligned with their beliefs, and not someone else’s. It’s not always easy to be yourself, your real self. Thanks to Caitlyn for reminding all of us that the person inside of us should always be front and center, and that when you honor who you really are, it allows all of us to be who we really are.

Check out the article that Laverne Cox wrote on her Tumblr.