gratitude-a-thon day 636: melissa mccarthy is a certified movie star


Do you want to laugh? Do you want to get a good laugh? Then call in sick, do not pass go, do not collect $200 and head to the movie Spy right now. I am telling you that I laughed for the full length of the movie. Melissa McCarthy killed it. Plus, while it’s a sort of an absurd movie, she grounds it in a reality that’s just enough to keep you believing. I admit to thinking it might have a giggle or two in it, but it was an all out festival of guffaws.

I am also buoyed by the fact that this woman, who is by all assessments is not a stick thin model type was the lead, and is pulling in audiences in big numbers. This is hopeful.

Get dressed, brush your teeth if you feel like it (I mean who is going to be at a Monday matinee), get in the car and hit the early show. I’m telling you, it’s worth every second of your time.

saditude-a-thon day 634: we’re all we have


We are our only hope.

And yet, we  can’t get our shit together.

For all the “We have a black president,” banter, we also seem to be on a killing spree of black boys and men across the country. The Charleston Church shooting is an abysmal reminder that racism lives lavishly right here in the U.S. of A. Shame on us. For all the progress we’ve made, we still seem to be walking up the down escalator. Martin Luther King must be weeping  today.


A glimmer of hope, in the form of forgiveness. Many of the family members who lost  loved ones in the shooting looked the shooter in the eye yesterday while he was being arraigned, and forgave him.

Forgiveness. Is this part of the way out of the maze? When forgiveness, love and humanity beat out ego?


And when will we face the simple truth that guns are far too easy to get, that background checks are essential? We are shooting ourselves in the foot not to think this is part of our demise.


When is it that we will begin to truly believe that mental illness is a disease just like cancer, and not a lack of willpower, or a character defect, and start normalizing it so that the stigma disappears, and people reach out for help.

We’re all we have. And yet….


gratitude-a-thon day 632: small bites friday

The Charleston church shooting is so wildly beyond the beyond of sad, that I am once again reminded of how much more mental health care we need in this country. Please do your part to help de-stigmatize minds that are sick. Please try and be truthful and open when you talk about mental health. Please watch out for the signs of family, friends and neighbors who might be suffering and struggling. I will get off my soap box now, but damn it, we must do better. (I know I am not talking about the racism and gun violence problem that are part of this tragedy, but don’t worry, I am aware of it).

I am thinking the Pope should run for president. This man has got it going on. (And he tweets, too!)


Where are the escaped convict dudes? I wish they’d just call me so I could know. It’s like a “where’s Waldo” kind of thing.

I have always hated golf. From the dumb clothes to the slow game. But my son is home and he’s been sick for three days with a fever and killer sore throat, and needless to say is not very happy, so I watched golf with him last night. And guess what? He taught me all this cool stuff, and now I like it! BTW, Tiger is so over, but I did give him the best dressed award.

Sometimes marketers get so caught up in their products, they don’t notice what’s right in front of their faces. Take a look at these product names that probably lost somebody their job.


This is a cool history of Jaws on the Vineyard. Big anniversary coming up. I love this movie every time I watch it.

gratitude-a-thon day 631: Caitlyn could teach Rachel a thing or two.

Should Rachel Dolzal and Caitlyn Jenner have coffee? At the heart of it, didn’t they both lie about who they felt they were on the inside versus who they were in reality?

Unfortunately, Rachel hasn’t been able to articulate her story in a way that makes sense. Her interview with Matt Lauer was vague and unsatisfying. It didn’t have the narrative intelligence of Diane Sawyer interviewing Bruce Jenner. Is that because Rachel is not 65, and hasn’t had the time, or the therapy that Caitlyn has benefited from in coming to understand her identity?

As far as I can tell, Caitlyn hurt people by not coming clean with her secret, just as Rachel has hurt people by claiming she was black, instead of telling them she “identifies” with being black. Is it the same? Will Rachel get a docuseries on E! She’s already doing her own hair, so the show would save on that (more money for E!).

I am all for people being who they are. I love that Caitlyn has gotten real with herself. Her truth hurt people by being hidden, but she didn’t walk around like a woman and lie about it. Rachel has openly deceived the world by calling herself black, wearing her hair in styles that are traditionally black, has gone to tanning booths to make her skin appear darker,  has worked on black causes (which is the only silver lining, because it does sound like she has done some good, but why not work on black causes as a white person?). She’s even told people her father was black.

She may need more than a coffee with Caitlyn, she may need a weekend away.

gratitude-a-thon day 630: coffee break

no-coffeeYesterday, uncaffeinated, I stumbled to my appointment for a breath test to find out if I have a bacterial infection in my stomach. I was not looking forward to it. At all. My stomach has been misbehaving for months, and anytime you take away my morning coffee, well, it’s just not a good idea. Let’s just leave it at that. But, and here is the gratitude, and silver lining, and stomach lining, if you will–I met these really nice women, who were all having similar problems, and as we sat in a little room together, taking our test, which was to drink a syrupy sweet bottle of thick sugary mucous in under five minutes, (which I was able to do, because compared to the colonoscopy cocktail, this was downright delish) and blow into a bag, and have our breath recorded by a nurse every 15 minutes  (YES, THAT HAPPENED), we started to talk. And suddenly we were having an all out symposium on stomach ailments. We talked colons, and colonoscopies, endoscopies, and IBS, and leaky gut, and different ridiculous diets our doctors had suggested, and of course the runs, lots and lots about the runs. And nobody was freaked out, or didn’t understand, because we were all aware of  the shit (see what I did there) that can happen to one’s stomach, and how really  confusing it can be to figure out. So, like even though I didn’t have my coffee, and was dreading this test, these great women made two hours fly by. And even though I came home and felt really exhausted, LIKE I HAD NOT SLEPT IN 127 YEARS, with a headache, I was really grateful to have met  these women, and to have felt understood for a couple hours, and to even have had some laughs. There’s nothing like a little company when you have misery. Not to mention a big cup of coffee.