gratitude-a-thon day 647: small bites friday

This is a perfect “small bites friday” gratitude: a hotdog eating showdown between legends!  Man, I love a hotdog.

Seriously, having Donald Trump in the presidential race is like Christmas morning every day of the week.


In my house garlic has a shrine. I think my mom put it in my bottle. Here’s a helpful tip on how not to burn it. 

I love a good obit. Here’s one for you. Right to the point.

Well, this is unjust.


I can’t even imagine the pain and regret England’s Laura Bassett must be in. It’s not like she did it on purpose. Shit happens, Laura. This could have happened to anyone. Cry it out, then give yourself a break. ❤

Love Inside Amy Schumer. Here’s a list of the best celeb cameos.

Happy 4rth, people! SCOTUS gave us something extra to celebrate this year.


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