gratitude-a-thon day 655: i can see clearly now

Super cutie pie Piper reminded me that just opening your eyes in the morning and being able to see is something to be a barrel full of grateful for. Seeing is one of those things that is so much a part of your life, that unless you have something wonky going on with your vision, you don’t even think about.

My dad was blind in one eye for my whole life, and there was always a concern for his other eye. I did a lot of thinking about his eyes growing up. He was a hot mess when it came to his vision. I blew out a lot of birthday cake candles wishing that his other eye would be ok when in 7th grade he finally had a surgery that would either give him 20/20 in that eye, or render him completely blind. It was a success, due in part to my wishes, I’m sure.

Anyway, just noting that if you feel in a bad way, like you have not a thing to be grateful for, get back to basics, and take a good look at your body. Your senses, your limbs, the intricate system inside you, from your brain to your heart. It’s kind of amazing how most of the time all that stuff just works on its own. Holy gratitude, Batman.

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